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DCM Transport Salute:

Early mornings, late nights…every kind of weather imaginable…and more miles than most of us will see in a lifetime. Part Mechanic, Part Bookkeeper, ALL DRIVER. If it weren’t for YOU, the products that America runs on wouldn’t be on the shelves. The modern day truck driver has to be an attentive, multi-faceted professional. To all the transportation heroes hitting it hard on the highway…We salute you! And if you’re not getting the respect you deserve from the guys you drive for, find it at DCMTransport.com. …trucking evolved.

More Home Time:

Little Girl: But I don’t want you to go…
Driver Dad: I know Audrey…I’ll be back as soon as I can.
Little Girl: This weekend??
Driver Dad: I’ll try, but I can’t promise.
Little Girl: Please don’t miss my party…
Anncr: Your job doesn’t just affect you.  If you’re looking for more home-time – but you still need a guaranteed salary with all the benefits – DCM Transport is your clear choice. They need both local and regional drivers and they’ll get you home so you don’t miss out on the whole reason you work. If you’re at least 21 and have a class A CDL – go online to DCMtransport.com and apply today! DCM Transport…trucking evolved.

Not Just a Number:

Driver: Being on the road all the time doesn’t bother me…Honestly, I like the freedom.  I like my quiet…but not getting home regularly, that takes it’s toll. I need the money and the benefits, but you know, I’m tired of feeling like just a number in a fleet of drivers…
Anncr: If you’re ready for the respect you deserve, a good salary with all the benefits and a better lifestyle…DCM Transport is your clear choice. They get their local drivers home most every night and their regional drivers home most every weekend – and they’re looking for BOTH. If you’re at least 21 and have a class A CDL – apply at DCMtransport.com! DCM Transport…trucking evolved.